Working papers

  • Electoral competition and political rents in the lab (with T.-R. Heggedal & R. Morton) [Pre-study plan]
  • Should I stay or should I go? Bandwagons in the lab (with T.-R. Heggedal & K.-E. Joslin) [WP] [Supplementary Materials]
  • Reference points in sequential bargaining: Theory and experiment (with A. Ciccone, K.A. Brekke & T.-R. Heggedal) [WP] [Supplementary Materials]
  • Punishment under anarchy (with S. Aakre & J. Hovi) [WP]
  • When does informal enforcement work? (with S. Aakre & J. Hovi) [Data] [Code book] [Supplementary Materials]
  • Climate leadership by conditional committment (with J. Hovi & H. Sælen) [WP]
  • Seasoned parliamentarians perform worse than students in a lobbying experiment (with G. Løyning & L. Monkerud) [WP]
  • Self-serving dictators (with G. Asheim, J. Hovi & B. Høyland) [WP]